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Personalized Pet Urns & Caskets

Blue Bonnet Creek Pet Cremations carries pet urns and pet caskets to ensure your friend is laid to rest the way he or she would like. There are several styles and sizes to choose from, and our helpful staff will be glad to guide you to something appropriate for your pet.


We offer delivery services for caskets, which is also included in your overall price. Our 18" and 32" caskets come in both black and white coloring, while the 40" casket is only available in beige. Custom name plates are available with all sizes. Prices are as follows:

• 18"—$85 • 24"—$125 • 32"—$155 • 40"—$180



Blue Bonnet carries different types of urns for you to choose from. These are all hand-carved, wooden urns that come in varying sizes. Prices are as follows:

• Small—$40

• Medium—$50 • Large—$60 • Extra Large—$80

Granite Markers

Choose from a wide selection of granite markers for your pet's resting place. These are solid Georgia granite markers that are only available in grey and come in two sizes. One size measures 8" x 4" x 4" and is available for $100 (includes delivery and inscribing). The other measures 12" x 6" x 3.5", and is $125, which also includes both delivery and inscribing.

Contact our representatives for more information about our different pet urns, caskets, or markers.