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Pet Cremation

For pet cremation services complete with urns and caskets, come to Blue Bonnet Creek Pet Cremations in Weatherford, Texas. We accept cash and checks, and offer special pricing for certified animal rescues and pet foster homes. The prices for these organizations would be $65 for pets that weigh up to 50 lbs. and $85 for pets weighing 51 lbs. and up. Service pets, such as police dogs, DEA dogs, bomb sniffing dogs, and special needs pets, can be cremated for free.

Cremation Details

We are able to come to your house to retrieve your pet's remains. Once we complete the cremation, your pet's ashes are given to you in a personalized urn. The urn would also include a personalized name plate for the pet on the front. Our services take less time than our competition, and in most cases we are able to produce your pet's ashes in less than 32 hours rather than a week or two.

Once our work is complete, we can also return the ashes to your house so you don't have to come to us. There are several categories of services available for customers to choose from as well, with prices running as follows (these prices include pick up, delivery and the cost of the urn.):

• Private Cremation 0 to 20 lbs.—$120
• Private Cremation 21 to 40 lbs.—$140
• Private Cremation 41 to 70 lbs.—$160
• Private Cremation 71 to 120 lbs.—$180
• Private Cremation for More Than 120 lbs.—$210
• Communal Cremation—$65 (Regardless of Pet's Size)

Contact us for details about our pet cremation services.